Breza Project

Update on 2/18/2011 Breza-Phase II has finally closed and is now preserved and co-owned by the State of New Jersey and the Borough of Allentown. This now puts the final piece of the puzzle in-place to enable the envisioned trail system to go forward.

Green cross-hatched area is part of the project area. Click on image for larger view. The area labeled as Breza - Phase II (not yet preserved) is NOW preserved.

The project involves the construction of a trail system and parking area accessible from the easterly side of Breza Road that connects to the existing perimeter loop trail in Heritage Park (Allentown Borough). The trail would then cross over Breza Road to the westerly side, and would then circumscribe the open field areas that are currently, and would continue to be, farmed.

It is anticipated that the bulk of this project will be paid by grant monies from the National Recreational Trails Grant program. Upper Freehold Township has given a verbal committment to a Resolution for its 20% match for a total grant amount of $31,250. We understand that Allentown Borough may also put in for a similar amount that would also result in a $31,250 total. If both were funded for 2012, a total of $62,500 would be available to build the parking area and the Heritage Park trail interconnect, as well as the loop trail around the fields. (See the original PowerPoint presentation here.)

The perimeter trail path would answer the Green Acres requirement that there be passive recreation on the associated preserved parcel. The ultimate intent is to have a continuous trail that allows access to the Stone Bridge Middle School (UFRSD Property). Breza - Phase II, having just been through preservation closing, enables that ultimate plan to come to fruition.