The Washington (now Robbinsville) to Walnford Trail, being contemplated, would run from the Washington Township Community Park (Mercer County), across the NJ Turnpike on Gordon Road, then run southerly behind the Matrix warehouse complex leading to the Indian Run.  This section of the trail would run through old-growth forest lands, and the non-descript rear of the Matrix warehouse complex would be completely shie
lded from view.

The Indian Run flows under I-195.  However, trail traffic would need to move parallel to the roadway in a northwesterly direction to Manor Drive.  It would then have to cross CR-526 in order to continue the trail on the southerly side of I-195 and parallel to CR-526 leading toward Allentown Borough (Monmouth County) at the municipal boundary.  At this point, the Indian Run creek runs under CR-526 (Church Street), continues behind the Allentown Borough Water Company and continues its meander to and through Allentown Borough's Heritage Park.  Here, the Indian Run joins the Doctors Creek.

The trail would continue as part of the Heritage Park's trail loop system.  It is expected that a connector trail will extend to the new Upper Freehold Regional School District's middle school -- affording a walking route for students from both Allentown Borough and Upper Freehold Township -- and exit toward Breza Road in Upper Freehold Township.  It would then continue on the local streets (Breza Road and New Road) to connect to the Harbourt Soccer Fields, then crossing S. Main Street, the trail continues on Ellisdale Road to the entrance to the Byron Johnson Recreation Facility.  There, the trail would connect to the existing trail and loop system.

The Upper Freehold Regional School campus is adjacent to the Byron Johnson Facility.  The school campus would benefit from a continuous trail system so that students can become walkers instead of bus riders in order to get to the several school buildings.  As well, there are opportunities for science / environmental studies, historical studies, and physical education and cross-country training  -- all benefits that come with such a trail system.

From the school campus and Byron Johnson Park, the trail would proceed southerly along Ellisdale Road to Polhemustown Road (running essentially parallel to the Crosswicks Creek) and then easterly along Polhemustown Road to Walnford Road.  The southern terminus of the trail would be at the back entrance to Historic Walnford Park